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Recent Media

Galen Myotherapy have always been at the forefront of sharing knowledge and information to help owners, handlers, and other canine professionals help their dogs.

On this page, we provide a variety of video clips which you may find of interest. They include our Maggie Mumbles series, where Julia speaks with various canine professionals on a number of subjects, and also our Tilly Talks, which gained huge popularity in 2020. In this series, Cusha Lamen and Julia Robertson discuss how to give your new puppy the best start in life.

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Maggie Mumbles

In our Maggie Mumbles series Julia Robertson talks with our various partners around the world on a variety of subjects. These include tripawd dogs, street dogs in India, and also a focus on greyhounds and lurchers.

These fascinating interviews contain a huge wealth of information which will support all dog owners, handlers, and professionals, and we invite all to watch and learn.

This series is constantly updated, so we strongly advise visiting our YouTube channel and subscribing.
9th October 2020

In this episode of Maggie Mumbles, Julia Robertson speaks to Galen Myotherapist Sarah Hancox about rescue Greyhounds and Lurchers.

They chat about the challenges that these breeds have from track racing and the day to day life of these wonderful and unique dogs.

7th May 2020

Julia Robertson speaks to Sindhoor Pangal from BHARCS about street dogs in India.

They also discuss the issues Sindhoor’s own dog has been experiencing and how Galen Myotherapy’s Distance Support Programme has helped improve her dog's quality of life.

7th October 2020

In this episode of Maggie Mumbles, Julia Robertson speaks to Galen Myotherapist and tripawd expert Sue Maclennan.

They chat about the challenges of amputation, the day to day life of a tripawd dog and how to Galen Myotherapy has helped Sue's dog to live a happy and fulfilled life.

7th October 2020

In this episode of Maggie Mumbles, Julia Robertson speaks to Galen Myotherapist, Vickie China about about her amazing work in helping a rescue Chow Chow from China who suffered from distemper. They chat about Bob’s amazing journey from having paralysis to being able to walk again so he can enjoy visiting the ducks!

Our Tilly Talks

Bringing a new puppy into your home is incredibly rewarding, but like any new arrival presents a number of challenges. In our Tilly Talks, Julia Robertson - founder of Galen Myotherapy - talks to Cushla Lamen (Galen Myotherapist) about various aspects to consider. And of course, the star of the show is Tilly, our new puppy that came to us in 2020.

Subjects include creating the environment, integration with existing dogs, the specific requirements of puppy walking and much much more. There's a lot of information here which is useful for all dog owners, so it's well worth a watch, even if you don't have a new puppy at this current time.

These videos were delivered via Facebook Live across the Summer of 2020, and we're in the process of uploading them onto Youtube. So why not visit our YouTube channel and subscribe.

7th May 2020

We're following Tilly's puppyhood to bring you advice on how to look after your puppy's physical and mental wellbeing.

14th May 2020

Julia and Cushla discuss how to teach your puppy to cope with new experiences, and learn how to cope with being left alone and separation anxiety.

21st May 2020

In this episode, Julia and Cushla talk about a puppy’s hip anatomy and how putting rugs down on slippery floors can have a huge impact on protecting your puppy’s long term muscular-skeletal health.

4th June 2020

In this video, Julia and Cushla answer a number of your questions, and cover a huge range of topics from humping, to puppies eating their own poo!

Other videos

Of course, as well as our Maggie Mumbles and Tilly Talks series, Julia Robertson and other members of the team are invited to talk on a variety of subjects.

It is written into our Guiding Principles that we share information to support owners, handlers, and other canine professionals in whatever way we can. Therefore, we relish the opportunity to meet and discuss how we can enrich the lives of dogs whenever we have the opportunity.

Please be sure to revisit this page as the collection of videos grows, and we strongly advise visiting our YouTube channel and subscribing.

24th May 2020

We were thrilled to be invited to take part in the Goodwoof Festival in 2020. Regrettably like so many events during the year, it was cancelled due to lockdown restrictions, however the organisers did a fantastic job of moving a considerable amount of content online.

Julia Robertson therefore delivered an online seminar talking about how Galen Myotherapy can support dogs, and the huge improvements in can bring into their lives. We look forward to taking part in Goodwoof 2021!
9th October 2020

Julia Robertson talks to Hannah Capon founder of Canine Arthritis Management (CAM) to discuss posture and what it can tell us. Using photos of clients’ dogs, Julia talks us through each aspect of posture and explains what we might learn about the dog’s pain state from each one.

With increased awareness of the prevalence of arthritis in our canine population, and a need to identify it sooner to open up more opportunities for treatment, close observation of posture could result in that much-needed early diagnosis.
I looked at so many courses that are available, but I'm so glad that I decided to study with you. The difference for me was the way you give dogs choice, and I couldn't imagine working any other way. Since graduating I've been able to support my dogs, and the support you gave me in marketing have allowed me to build a client base in my local town and beyond.

I couldn't imagine not being part of Galen Therapy Centre now, thank you SO much!